Letter from Danae

May 12, 2020

Hello Church Family, 

I hope you are all well. I would like to share a quick update regarding what church together may look like in the coming months. With the news that counties will soon be applying to enter into phase one of reopening, we now have a glimpse of a potential timeline for having online-only services. We realize this will be a slow process, but we want you to know our staff is making plans for how to open up our in-person services with proper social distancing. We anticipate the need to continue “Virtual Church” as a main source of Sunday services, even after we enter phase two of the county’s reopening plan.

As we begin the transition back into physically meeting together, we plan to rely heavily on small groups and group life during the slow-open process. Doing church in a home with your life group is church. Church is not a building! 

If you are not in a Life Group but would like to be, it’s not too late! We would love to help get you connected. Please email Jordan, Director of Community Life, at to begin. 

We don't have all the answers, but we want you to know we are (and have been) working on a plan. We have seen God do amazing things through this time of physical separation. More than anything we want us all to remember that God is not limited! He has surely shown us that in many ways these past few months. As we do our best to prepare for reopening, we look forward to seeing how God’s plan, not just ours, plays out in the coming weeks!

Much Love & God Bless,

Danae Plover

Executive Director