Same But Not, With a Really Big Problem

Same But Not, With a Really Big Problem

February 07, 2016 | Pastor Dwain Tissell

Passage: Romans 8:1-4

“After all, we are all following the same God.” Have you ever heard someone say that about the major religions of the world? How have you handled it? Most people, even some Christians, see religions this way.

However, sticking all religions in the same bucket doesn’t help anybody because sooner or later, no matter what religion a person picks, they are faced with one giant human dilemma that only Jesus can solve. We Christians share moral codes and a belief in the divine with other religions. The trouble is we can’t keep “the list” and we can be sure the divine is pleased!

Jesus came to save us from our sinful mess and set the world right. But in order to fulfill his mission he had to blow up all our categories and expectations. The effects of that explosion are still felt today. He just doesn’t comply with our expectations.

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