Jesus from the Other Side of the World

Series: Losing Your Religion

Jesus from the Other Side of the World

January 31, 2016 | Pastor Dwain Tissell

Passage: Acts 16:17-34

Sometimes you have to get out of your “village” and look back to find out what’s really real. That’s the experience we often have when we fellowship with other believers in Jesus in another part of the world. Their insights into the Bible, for example, reveal things we have missed because of the way our minds are trained to think in this country.

Not only was the gospel born in another time, and culture entirely from our, but within scripture itself there are many different cultures Jesus speaks to through his followers.

All of that is to say: God’s truth is timeless truth. The message of Jesus translates into every language, time, and culture of human existence.

That’s quite a gift our Heavenly Father has given us!

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