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The Outer East Art House is hosting an  "Open Mic Poetry" the 2nd Sunday of every month from 7 to 8:30 pm. Bring your own poetry or a favorite poem or just come listen and engage other poetry lovers in a friendly safe environment. Be sure to come a couple of minutes early to get your spot at the microphone.

This is a forum for polished or novice poets and those trying to learn/venture out as well as those who just enjoy a good poem. The Outer East Art House will be hosting in the atrium of Eastridge with cookies, coffee and an open ear..... 14100 SE Sunnyside Rd (Happy Valley) - only one block from the food carts if you want to grab a quick bite before or after....

Ground Rules

- We are trying to build a community of artists among the general community of Eastridge/Happy Valley. Being open and friendly to those who see the world differently than ourselves is a major step towards that. The idea is for people to have a SAFE place to share their work, improve their speaking skills and receive some feedback/encouragement.

-  Cooperation/patience/openness and non-judgmental space is paramount to this end.

-  Everyone is welcome to share some poetry, their own or a favorite from someone else.

- Participation as an artist or a listener are essential and of equal importance.

-  If giving feedback think of doing so in a loving manner, it is a gift you are presenting to someone who has laid their life/emotions out there. Imagine it as a sandwich of praise filled with encouragement to improve/clarify/punch-up something then followed by another slice of praise.

-  The work does not have to be “Church” poetry but should avoid openly offensive verbiage as we may have small ears around…

- Each speaker signs up for a slot on a signup sheet before we start (those who are late may not get a chance or may need to wait for the period after the refreshments).

-  Each may do up to 3 small poems or 1 large for total of 5 minutes of microphone time.

- After the first round of readings, we will break to get some refreshments, meet a new friend etc.…then join back together to share our feedback with one another or hear more poetry.



Sunday, Sep. 10th - 7p to 8:30p
Sunday, Oct. 8th - 7p to 8:30p
Sunday, Nov. 12th - 7p to 8:30p
Sunday, Dec. 10th - 7p to 8:30p



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