Love This Book

We believe the Bible, and the story within its pages, has the the power to transform! Throughout 2018, we'll be reading through the entire Bible, in hopes that you fall in love with this book!

“Love This Book” is a reading plan that will take us through the entire Bible in the next year! Our Sunday morning sermons will follow along with the weekly reading.

There are five or so sections of scripture assigned each week. You can choose to read them all in one day or spread them throughout the week. There are a number of ways to engage with this movement:

  • Follow the “Love This Book” YouVersion reading plan 
  • Pick up a Suggested Daily Reading Guide in the lobby or download below.
  • Purchase a “Love This Book” journal, which has all of the readings listed, some response questions, and a space for sermon notes. These journals are $5 and can be purchased in the lobby.
  • There are also YouTube videos that go along with the different readings each week. You can find the link in the resources below.
  • Engage with your church community on Facebook! Search for the group“Eastridge Loves This Book”. Staff members will be posting their thoughts about different scriptures as we move through the Bible and it’s a great way to connect with other Eastridge readers!

Here are some resources to help you!

Intro Letter from Pastor Dwain

Journal Instruction Page

Eastridge "Love This Book" Facebook Group

Part 1 (weeks 1-15):

YouVersion Reading Plan

YouVersion Kid's Reading Plan

Suggested Daily Reading

Youtube Videos

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