Into the Next Generation

Prayer Devotional

Join us for a 20-day Prayer Devotional as we prepare to launch the 2020 Capital Campaign to complete the Lower Level. 

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Capital Campaign FAQs

1. Why are we dividing the campaign into two phases?

Answer: We are dividing the campaign into two parts for two reasons. First because it is a substantial amount of money, and second because one phase must be completed in order for the other to begin. They are essentially two projects that are part of a greater whole.   

2. What is the plan for each phase? 

Phase one will be devoted to completing the elevator installation.  The structural base of the elevator shaft is already in place,  so the $150,00 will be used for the purchase of the elevator with all components, and the installation of it. It will be installed to code and fully functional before the start of phase 2. 

 Phase two of the campaign will be to finish construction on the lower level, including the required elevator, and to restore some main floor rooms which were changed from original design (changed when it was realized the church did not have the capital to complete the entire project).  The main level is approximately 22,000sf and the lower level is about 11,000sf. The entire lower level is roughed in with studding, rough electricity, and pre-plumbed for bathrooms. Roughly half of the lower level is partially finished and usable for classes, and it will take approximately $350,000 to complete drywall, paint, floor coverings, doors, and furnishings. 

3.  Could we do some of the work ourselves to reduce costs?

Answer: Yes! We’d love to develop that idea. In fact, we have a network of contractors (that we would love to continue to grow) that already know that this project is coming up. 

4. Why wasn’t the lower level completed when the rest of the building was being built?

Answer:: In the season we were building, the cost of building materials and labor was going up rapidly, and we had exceeded our contingency fund for overages. We felt it would not be wise to go deeper in debt to complete the lower level. After the real estate market crashed (a contributing factor in why we were seeing so many overages) we were not in a stable place financially to under-take the project of completing the lower level. 

5. What is the status of our current mortgage?

Answer: Loan Balances on the building are as follows:

  • NCP Properties is owed $6,750,000 (current mortgage)
  • NW conference is owed $1,046,011
  • Interest rate locked at 4% through 2026
  • Full Interest payments of $5,192.31 a week 

5. Why is it important to register my / our commitment?

Answer: Campaign commitments are intended to be over and above regular and ongoing church support.  Without a registered commitment, we have no way of knowing where we stand in relation to accomplishing the campaign goals. We need to know clearly what part of a contribution is being shared as regular support, and which part can be put toward the goals of the campaign. 

6. How can I register my commitment? 

Answer: You will be able to register by paper commitment card, or an online commitment form. The paper commitment card will be made available in our campaign mailer, and at church on Sunday mornings. The online form will be sent with a link in our first Capital Campaign digital newsletter. 

7. How long will campaign commitments continue?

Answer:  Phase 1 of the campaign is intended to be approximately 6 months, Apr.- Oct 2020. Commitments may be fulfilled in several ways; monthly, at the start, or near the end.  Most commitments are fulfilled monthly or in a lump sum.  

Phase 2 of the campaign will receive commitments from Apr 2021- Dec. 2022. If we receive more financial support than needed for phase 1, we will direct remaining gifts to phase 2. We will announce how phase 1 ended in Oct. 2020 before beginning Phase 2.

8.  If I can’t give a large amount, does my commitment really matter?

Answer: Absolutely!  As do every one of your prayers for this growth opportunity! It is a big step for the kingdom, and all commitments of all amounts matter because we all participate according to our own ability.  When God is involved, even five loaves and two fish can feed five thousand people.

9. Will I be pressured in any way to make a commitment?

Answer: Absolutely not!  Participation in the campaign, and how much is committed is between you and the Lord.

10. What forms of contribution will be accepted?

Answer: Contributions can be made in cash, or by check, EFT, stocks and bonds, real estate, gifts in kind, or collectibles, etc.  If you are unsure about a possible gift, feel free to discuss it with a member of the campaign team. 

11. What if my circumstances change and I cannot fulfill my commitment?

 Answer: Keep in mind that your campaign commitment is a statement of intention.  It is not a contract. If your financial circumstances change significantly, it may be necessary to adjust your commitment.

12. What will the completed rooms in the lower level be used for?

Answer: While plans aren’t firmly settled we are confident that the spaces in the lower level will be used for regular children and youth events and programming. There will also be room for adult education and training as well. We also hope that the completed rooms will give us more opportunities to support Spring Mountain Bible Academy and other community organizations we partner with. 

13. How does finishing the building work with our vision to “go to them”?

Answer: The fact is that even in this cultural moment churches are still often the places people turn to when spiritual need arises.  The New Testament’s description of the church as family is a clearer picture than ever before of who we are.  This is especially true in this time of epidemic loneliness. By God’s design, family is the most formative set of relationships we find ourselves in, and home is the place where that formation takes place.  Therefore, every local church family needs a well-functioning home if it is to make deep resilient disciples of people new to faith and those growing for a lifetime

14. Can I give to the building campaign instead of my regular giving? 

Answer: Your regular support helps move church ministry along on a daily basis. That includes people, operations, supplies, programming expenses. The Capital Campaign is dedicated solely to capital needs in construction and completion of the lower level. 

15. Whom can I contact if I have any questions?

Answer: Feel free to contact any campaign team member. Ken Maes, Campaign Chair, and Mike Winter, Pastor of Stewardship, are great choices as they are very involved in organizing and supporting each phase of the campaign. 

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