Starting Point

Starting Point is a great follow-up to the Pastor’s Lunch. It offers a variety of avenues for moving forward at Eastridge, in your faith, or in your calling.  Join us for three weeks to tackle questions like: What does the bible say about church? Is Eastridge a part of a denomination? Or what type to programs are on the horizon? The Starting Point class, offered quarterly, can provide answers!  

This session of classes starts on April 22nd, at 9:15a. 

Starting Point is a 3 weeks series. The class will take place during the first worship gathering, in room 128.

  • What kind of church is Eastridge?
  • What do we believe? What do we teach?
  • What ministries does Eastridge have?
Week 2 (April 29)– Theological questions.
  • You have questions, we have answers!
Week 3 (May 6)– Involvement questions 
  • How can you get involved? How do you become a giver? a member? a server?
  • 5 characteristics of a laboring culture, stewardship teaching
  • Meet the staff and our missions teams.

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