Starting Point is a great follow-up to the Pastor’s Lunch. It offers a variety of avenues for moving forward at Eastridge, in your faith, or in your calling.  Join us to tackle questions like: What does the bible say about church? Is Eastridge a part of a denomination? Or what type to programs are on the horizon? The Starting Point class, offered quarterly, can provide answers!  

The next class will be February 17!

The class will take place during the first worship gathering, in room 128.

  • What kind of church is Eastridge?
  • What do we believe? What do we teach?
  • What ministries does Eastridge have?
  • How can you get involved? How do you become a giver? a member? a server?
  • 5 characteristics of a laboring culture, stewardship teaching
  • Meet the staff and our missions teams.

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