What is a Disciple?

A disciple is a follower. A disciple combines belief and action by following in the footsteps of whoever is leading them. At Eastridge, we are disciples of Jesus and believe that the work he accomplished at the cross allows us to recover a right relationship with God as we put our faith in Him and obey his teaching. In this way, being a disciple of Jesus doesn’t involve us “taking the first step,” because Jesus already did that. It has to do with how we respond to what Jesus has accomplished and how we are helping others to respond to him. Jesus calls all believers to be disciple-makers (Matthew 28:19). There isn’t a specific kind of believer that disciples other believers, it is something all of us are called to participate in as a community of Christ-followers. 

Why Discipleship?

Jesus established his church to be a community where people are growing in their discipleship and helping others to grow as well. Discipling is happening at Eastridge. Men and women are helping other men and women follow Jesus through one-on-one discussions, prayer, and guidance by the Word of God and His Holy Spirit. We live in a time when truly connecting with others is difficult. Our goal is to create a clear pathway for you to connect with someone on a deeper level that may be a few steps ahead of you in their walk with Jesus. If you desire to grow in your faith, it is critical that you have people around that are linking arms with you. 

Connect through Discipleship

Click the link below if you are interested in being discipled by a seasoned believer. The information we collect will be used to help connect you as best as possible with the right person.

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Leading Through Discipleship

If you are a seasoned believer and you would like to make yourself available to walk with someone in a discipleship relationship, please click the button below. Our Director of Community Life, Jordan, will contact you to discuss the details.

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